Saturday, December 22, 2007

Visit to Creede

Last week I flew into Colorado to see Damon. It was hectic at first - with my flight to Alamosa canceling and Damon having to drive to Denver in a snowstorm to pick me up. :( We fared well after that, but it's crazy how wet & snowy the drive was, as seen by the ice built up on the truck! The ranch was BEAUTIFUL - covered in 17" of snow, and an excited Redder pup was there to greet us too! Wow, the week went by too fast after that! We fed horses together, cut down our tree & decorated it, met Santa, attended Bill & Lori's wedding (friends from ranch above ours), and went to Durango for a photography show. Unfortunately, my memory card was full in Durango, so didn't get any pics. Damon was one of many subject matter in the photography show, and the best-looking by far! I was very proud! When I get the website link, I'll post it here so you can view those portraits as well. Damon, if i've forgotten anything, please add any input here, this trip was jam-packed fun, and I know I'm forgetting something!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Welcome Asa Anthony Wadden!

Our little nephew is born! 6lb 8oz. We are so excited! Congratulations Ben & Neely! Can't wait to cuddle him...:)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sarah & Wray Warner

Congratulations to Sarah & Wray! Married November 11th, 2007. Below are some pics (in slideshow form) from our trip to Charlotte, NC. It was a beautiful day, spent with many 4UR friends!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I went trick-or-treating with Ellen & Stephen, and got just as much candy as they did! Yes, I went up to each door and asked for my own candy, thank you. Trick was on them for giving candy to a 30 year old! Hee Hee. Ellen was Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, Stephen was Zorro, and I was a plain ol' pirate.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Ellen, Stephen & I carved our pumpkins for Halloween. It was Stephen's first time to actually "carve" one, he did a great job! You can view our work below! Clicking on each image opens it up larger in another window. :)Ellen Carved the pirate, Stephen the cat, and I did the guy with his head on fire :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Day with Ellen & Stephen

Ellen, Stephen and I went to Metamora, Indiana today to go through their corn maze (below). Metamora is an old canal town, and a lot of fun to walk through. We had a blast, and stopped in town to walk around and get some yummy hand-dipped ice cream!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Damon's Visit

Time went by way too fast when Damon was in Cincy. Partly b/cwe had something planned every day! Between meeting with our Priest about the wedding, working on the guest list, and training Flica w/ Uncle Ron; Damon and I did get a chance to go to a haloween party with mom and Jack, and visit Uncle Ray and Aunt Barb at their place in Kentucky. I miss you babe!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Steamboat Springs

The owners of the 4UR ranch treated all full-time employees (and their significant others) to an all expenses paid weekend in Steamboat Springs. It was an exciting time! Damon and I also had the chance to spend a day in Laramie w/ Peter and Cassie, it was so great to spend time with them at Newmann Center and get the "insider's tour" of the campus from Peter. Thank you to everyone for making it such a great fun-packed weekend! (P.S. Click on the pictures to see larger images)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bragan's Baby Shower

On September 28th, Mom, Caroline & I drove to Alabama for my friend Bragan's baby shower. Little did I know they had a surprise bridal shower for me when we arrived. Thank you so much again ladies! We stayed with Gwen and George (Bragan's parents and friends of my family as well) & Bragan's sister Morgan came in from Auburn. Our friend Elizabeth (and baby Connor), Bragan and I all got to spend some time together and have a slumber party too :) Below is a slideshow of the baby shower and some pics from the Auburn vs. Fla Gator game we watched at "Aunt Sharon's Barn". Thanks for a great weekend that went way too fast! Bragan, we're all excited to meet baby Grier Lillianne Patterson!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

An Afternoon at Jack's

On Monday, mom's boyfriend Jack took us to his place by the river in Patriot, Indiana. We boated, jetskied, swam, drank wine, and grilled out. Thanks Jack for the mini vacation! :) Below is a slidshow, I was too busy swimming to get many pics, but did capture a few memories...

Riding Brittany

Deer in our front yard...not an uncommon scene. Notice the brown grass, we need rain!!!:(

Just thought I'd post a few pics of Uncle Ron and his girl. We are starting to train Flica, so hopefully I'll havve more pics soon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Brunch at the Paters

Bob and Emilia, Gimo's Bro-in-law and sister, invited the fam over on Sunday for cousin Rosemary's birthday brunch. It was an incredible spread (as you'll see from pics below)! Emilia is an awesome Italian cook, and made sure no one left hungry, or able to button their pants when we left.

Check out all this yummy food, Bottom: I'm stuffed, but still had room for dessert...

Top: Mom & boyfriend Jack, Gabe & Stephen Bottom: Rosemary using part of her bday card to accessorize, cutie patootie Gram

From L to R: Nina, Emilia, Bob, Zia Tecla

Sister hugs are so wonderful! :)

Top: Grammy & Mom, Gimo's "godfather face" Bottom: Jack should be a politician, Instead of kissses for the cook, we were kissed by the cook!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kings Island

I spent Saturday at Kings Island with Christa & Friends (Tammy, Jason & Jeremy) and the Setas! So much fun - we were wet, cold, and tired by the end of the night, but I'd do it again next Saturday...any takers??? :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Poor Caeli

Caeli, Uncle Ron & Aunt Sandy's golden retriever, hates thunder storms. Usually when it's bad, they will keep her inside, but unfortunately a few weeks ago, they didn't get home in time. She had jumped the fence during a bad thunderstorm and broken her leg. The result was surgery, two pins in her leg, and a full cast. The cast was soon replaced by a splint, which the family signed to wish her a speedy recovery. Get well soon Caeli! ;)

Beads! Beads! Beads!

It was a great trip to creede, and very productive as well. Damon and I are so excited about buying Loverings Bead Loft. Everything just seems to be falling into place with buying inventory, having a place to rent, and our banker is excited to help us, having past experience with similar clients. As far as the mural, it sold for $275 at the salsa festival. I was a little bummed after having heard someone offered $500 for it back in July. Ah well, it's to be expected as I'm a no name artist out there. Hopefully after opening the store next spring and getting my work out there, things'll change for next salsa festival! :) So here's a few pics from my day spent at the bead loft. Check out the fun inventory...

I made a few friends with some of the regulars, who do beautiful work!

The earrings and necklace on the right I made for Ashlee, you'll see her wearing them at Tommy's in the pics below. Yay! It's so much fun to do!

Saturday night, after the Salsa festival and auction, Damon and I spent time with friends at Tommyknockers bar as a last hurrah before I left town. They had a really cool bunch of cats from Kansas come and play a gig, I didn't take pics, but Amanda, Ashlee and I grooved. It was great! The band was very Kneally style!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mural in Creede

This Labor day weekend Damon and I will be together, working out the details of the bead store, etc. Also, this Saturday, my and everyone else's mural will be auctioned off, and the money given to the town of Creede to purchase new park benches, garbage cans, flowers, etc. Pretty exciting! Below are pics from when Red and I painted the mural, and when my mom came into town to see it. (Right before Cassie's wedding) It was such a fun project, I can't wait to do another one next year!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tye Dye For

Ellen, my niece, is a budding young artist. Recently, she heard from her friends that there was an art fair taking place at the Covedale Theatre, not far from where we live. Adults and children alike can enter, display their work and sell it. She talked over different ideas with her friends, and decided to enter and do her very own line of tye dyed onesies for babies. :) I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help her with this little art endeavor, we had so much fun! She'll be selling her work on Saturday . . . I'mso proud!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Stricker's Grove

Last Wednesday, mom, Christa, the Setas (minus Ellen who was at camp) and I went to Stricker's Gove for the Hoeting Realtor picnic. It was so much fun, although I think Christa and I OD'd on snowcones and cotton candy. Mom also got a chance to catch up with all her realtor friends. The only bummer is that no one would go on any of the "spinny" rides with me. I guess I'm the only one with the stomach for that in this family...