Sunday, April 15, 2012

15 Months

. . . And getting too big for her britches! Adelaide is putting more & more words together, using mostly short phrases now. She is starting to use the potty - although by no stretch of the imagination on a regular basis! :) She loves to run and play outside with her doggie, and points out the horses in the pasture and ducks/geese on the pond. She loves to walk around with her phone, carrying on important conversations as she makes hand gestures and stands with her hip cocked in a sassy manner. Adelaide has been into dolls lately, and even picks up blankets, holds them to her cheek and rocks from side to side and says "Baby!" She opens her books and tells her version of the the story, but it's cute how you can tell she is following along with the storyline on each page. Her favorite book right now is 'The Eye Book' by Dr. Seuss. :) Below are pictures we took today, before going to her friend Arden's birthday party.

Pointing at the horses across the pond


. . . and she was right!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter in Laramie

We were lucky to spend Easter weekend with the Miller family, and had an awesome time! Below are some pictures from Easter Sunday.

Little Ladies

I think this is my favorite!

such a sweetie!

the Miller family

Ella finding her Easter basket

Adelaide's turn to destroy the Miller's carpet :)

Yummy. First taste of jelly bean

Running to find her easter eggs

Ella was into the hunt way more than her cousin

I think this was the only egg that Adelaide cared to pick up

Chocolate! Disclaimer - there was very little candy. The Easter bunny filled most eggs with hair bows and stickers. :) Needless to say, Peter Cottontail had slipped in a few sweets!

Loved the loot!