Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Visit to Cincinnati 6/2011

I'm a little behind on my posting . . . Adelaide and Kiera flew to Cincinnati for Stephen's 8th grade Graduation. (Stephen is our nephew and Adelaide's Godfather) Below are some pictures from their trip:

Stayed w/ Nana & Papa Jack / Spent lots of time w/ the Godparents

Stephen's Graduation from 8th grade
Adelaide chastising me for taking pictures during church

Grammy & Uncle Ron / Seta Family

A fun day at Parky's Park w/ Aunt Caroline & Ellen

Swimming at the Seta House


A trip to the Cincinnati Zoo


She loves her Aunt Christa who introduced her to all animals Thane Maynard style

Dinner at Nick & Tom's after the Zoo / Adelaide loves her Uncle and Aunts!
Our last day we went to the Butterflies of Brazil Show at Kron's Conservatory

Adelaidee grabbed this butterfly, we pried it out of her hands, but it was a little crumpled :(

She just started sucking her thumb here

Last on our trip a stop at Skyline and some more time with Grammy Adelaide (the original!)