Monday, March 31, 2008

San Miguel - Day TWO

We started our day slowly, eating breakfast on the rooftop terrace and listening to the bells ring from the many churches throughout the city. We had lunch at a nearby street stand, and spent the day wandering down different streets and meandering through the artisan district. There were many treasures, but we didn't take too many pictures. :) After walking in the hot sun and being on our feet most of the day, it felt great to grab some fresh fruit and a cold beer! We had soup for dinner, and ended the day where it started, on the rooftop, taking in the sounds and sights of the city . . . and dancing to them too!

Eating at the Street Stand / View of our house from street stand

Statue of Isador Allende / walking along the streets

Fresh Tortillas! / Entering into the Artisan Market

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hola from San Miguel! Day ONE

We arrived in San Miguel around 3:30, after renting a car from the airport and having a beautiful drive through the back country of Mexico, stopping for a cow once. :) We met our housekeeper, toured around the house, freshened up, and walked around town. This place is UNBELIEVEABLE! There are hidden treasures around every turn in the road, in every corner. The architecture is gorgeous and ancient. we have a wall in our house that is around 300 years old! It's warm and sunny, and people are very friendly. We walked around the Jardin, which is the main area the town was first built around. It has trees, flowers, fountains,and a gazeebo. It sits in front of the church of St. Michael the Archangel, built in 1689. We watched a puppet show in the square, had soup the cook had prepared for us at home, and ended the evening with mass at St. Michael's. When Church was let out, the square was filled with music from a band playing in the gazeebo. Damon and I both commented we felt as if we were in a dream, a very good one! :)

At the Cincinnati airport, 5:30am - Waiting for our first flight

Stop for cow crossing, Driving into San Miguel

Outside St.Michael's Parish, and a tribute to St. Patrick!

In the Jardin, Street vendors & the Puppet Show