Saturday, December 22, 2007

Visit to Creede

Last week I flew into Colorado to see Damon. It was hectic at first - with my flight to Alamosa canceling and Damon having to drive to Denver in a snowstorm to pick me up. :( We fared well after that, but it's crazy how wet & snowy the drive was, as seen by the ice built up on the truck! The ranch was BEAUTIFUL - covered in 17" of snow, and an excited Redder pup was there to greet us too! Wow, the week went by too fast after that! We fed horses together, cut down our tree & decorated it, met Santa, attended Bill & Lori's wedding (friends from ranch above ours), and went to Durango for a photography show. Unfortunately, my memory card was full in Durango, so didn't get any pics. Damon was one of many subject matter in the photography show, and the best-looking by far! I was very proud! When I get the website link, I'll post it here so you can view those portraits as well. Damon, if i've forgotten anything, please add any input here, this trip was jam-packed fun, and I know I'm forgetting something!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Welcome Asa Anthony Wadden!

Our little nephew is born! 6lb 8oz. We are so excited! Congratulations Ben & Neely! Can't wait to cuddle him...:)