Sunday, January 29, 2012

13 Months

All I can say is wow. Everyone has been 100% correct. It goes way too fast!

I really did not intend on being in these pictures, but Adelaide was having an "off" day. So, if I was not holding her in my arms or by her hand, it was a complete meltdown. Unfortunately, these were the only pictures we had a chance to take while she was 13 months. They were taken on a Saturday around the town of Creede.

Future Beadery manager - she has the vision, you can tell

She was upset b/c the Creede Hotel, which serves delicious brunches through the winter, decided to be closed this season. Horrible.

Monday, January 9, 2012

First Day of School

Well, this title is actually a lie, this was her second day of school, but mommy ran out the door without the camera on her first day - it was a little hectic. :) Adelaide loves playing with her school friends. The Creede Early Learning Center has a wonderful curriculum and teachers. She has learned so much since she started, even though it's only for two mornings a week. It's cool to see the things she's picked up that were none of our influence. For example, the other day she was playing with her toys. She picked up her dolly and spun around saying "Ashes, ashes - DOWN!" Landing on her bum. Of course I recognized ring-around-the-rosies, but I had never played this with her. We played the silly game for a good half hour after this discovery, both of us giggling.
Greeters at the door. Richard excited to show me his letters 

Bye mom, you can leave now. Seriously, she cries when I come to pick her up, not drop her off. Considering when I was 3 I would run away to catch the school bus to school, this doesn't surprise me.

Dancing during music time

Trying to teach Charlie her killer moves :)

A busy day at school deserves a smoothie